Culinary Innovation of Molecular Gastronomy:  elBulli Restaurant

The elBulli has led the movement of the Molecular Gastronomy through culinary innovation. Partnering with research universities and technology companies, it is seen as a novel food laboratory that brings science and technology to the world of cuisine.

Ferran Adrià, the head chef of elBulli, has a very strong leadership and charismatic philosophy of cuisine: “I don’t care about whether or not the clients like the dishes, not like other restaurants...Trial and error, in which one variable is changed at a time, is the most important thing that elBulli does, the basis of its creativity.” His innovation model is quite the opposite of Alice Waters’ model, which emphasizes innovation from a local community.  

I reviewed the elBulli case through the lens of food concept, source of culinary ideas, kitchen structure, leadership, and organizational culture.