Culinary Innovation of New Nordic Cuisine: NOMA Restaurant

(Joint Research with Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Building on our previous research on Open Innovation Ecosystems based on an in-depth case study of the Chez Panisse restaurant, we formed a collaboration between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and UC Berkeley. From this partnership, we expanded our prior findings to include the impact of Open Innovation on the New Nordic Cuisine ecosystem.

With solid research findings from our California Cuisine case, we conducted a pilot study with the New Nordic Cuisine movement in Oslo, Norway to study chef leadership, culture, community learning, and educational impact among other factors. We expect that our research outcomes will eventually result in a generalizable theoretical framework for Open Innovation Ecosystems in food service industries.  Studying successful food ecologies will inform food communities on how to innovate with collaborative partners. It will also guide food policy makers to consider community aspects when designing policies.