Open Oenology: The Future of the Wine industry

World Open Innovation Conference at Silverado Resort in Napa (Winter 2014)

I ran this workshop to revisit current challenges of winemaking and wine marketing and to generate solutions for the future wine industry. One important topic covered during the session was “Wine Design." Today, winemaking is considered an art as winemakers use their inspirations and philosophy to make beautiful wines.

However, winemakers shared their concerns about the international market, emphasizing the need to focus on customer preferences. For instance, a high rise of sales in the Chinese market has been adapting some particular wines that pair well with Asian food. In this new age, winemakers should be termed “Wine Designers,” incorporating design principles into winemaking processes. We further pushed the idea of defining "Wine Design," and discussed how Open Innovation and design thinking could potentially be incorporated into the winemaking process through understanding customers and stakeholders in the ecosystem.