UCB MBA Course: Open Innovation & Business Models (Fall 2013)

Having worked at a high growth startup, it’s exciting to see how more established companies are tackling innovation and staying ahead of the competition. The class has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about innovation and provided a thought process behind open innovation for a company of any size.
— Dash Victor (Haas Class of 2014)

As my first full-time teaching experience, I co-taught with Professor Solomon Darwin on Open Innovation and Business Models for Berkeley-Haas Evening/Weekend MBA students at UC Berkeley. We had 7 company sponsors (DreamWorks, SAP, FedEx, WTA, Applied Materials, Tyco and UnitedHealthcare), which were beneficial as they provided innovation challenges for students to develop solutions.

WTA (Women’s Tennis Association), for example, wanted students to design an experiential solution on how tennis stars can be connected with their fans.  As the emphasis of the course was Open Innovation and business models, students participated in an idea jam with their friends and family to brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions to co-create solutions.